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Jettero Fletcher
Why don't any of these shelters ever install "dummy air-pipes"? Like this shelter, for example. They're hiding the entry hatch, so they at least have some eye toward obscurity/security. But then they have two fairly-obvious air pipes. Here's the tough truth, if these folks keep their bunker "on the low", then they'll be fine. If, however, literally ANY neighbor finds out about it, and suddenly wants to share the info with the rest of the neighborhood and "invite" them to share your supplies, you're in real trouble. After 4 to 400 people peruse that location, it's gonna take them about a nanosecond to figure out how you're getting air to breathe. From there, it gets pretty easy to plug those pipes. Game Over.
Long story short, ALWAYS install dummy pipes. In my opinion, install two dummy pipes really conspicuous, like the ones in this video, and then have your other two legit pipes REALLY concealed. Because then the folks manipulate your dummy pipes, figured they've killed your selfish asses, and stomp off looking for food and whatnot next door.
One glaring error is the fact both doors open OUTWARD.. all someone has to do is block the doors.. and your toast.
Or rubble from a blast or earthquake could block them. The doors should open inward.. so you can always get them open and dig your way out.
Also the air pipes should be better hidden.
But the bunker looks nice inside.
Rob T
no 2ndary exit, and the lock on the outside of the main door that someone could lock you in. I'll pass!!
Mark Vandyke
How did that couch get in there.
Brett Gomsrud
He's trying really hard to act like it's not his
Get Me Out of Here
Like if the neighbors hadn’t noticed this was installed. 😆
Mark Pendragon
If that hatch weighs 600lbs, it does not take neighbours to sabotage it. All it needs is a simple hydraulic failure. Try pushing 600lb dead-weight straight above your head. Expensive coffin for four!
paul massing
This thing could be a real death trap. Entry door "hidden" under the fake bridge ? Come on.
Ron Dobson
I'm going to go ahead and suggest that they do a better job of separating the living space from the shitter.
Bob A Booey
What happened if I take a garden hose and insert it into his air pipes?
Tributary House Ltd.
Hey, it's pretty cool, but it strikes me as a tomb. Always have - these things - seem like tombs.
Nice tomb.
Christopher Browne
We all know why he had this built it was to get away from his wife
Cichlidae Mayhem
That door clearly does not weigh 600 pounds lol
Its the end of the world and you need TV
Dustin Stevens
They didn't even try to camouflage the air pipes in any way... 🤨
Trapped like a rat, no thanks. I think these things give people a false sense of security. And a lot less money in their bank accounts.
Tiny open toilet, but they managed to make space for the couch 😅 what a priority
Jeffrey Harris
Somewhere between Arizona and Arizona. Most likely...Arizona?
Kris 9mm
That cool. To bad his neighbors know that he has it because I'm they watched it get installed and if SHTF they would be easy targets
What if something heavy lands on your entrance/exit hatch, how would you get out?
Jimmy Joebob
Unfortunately most people can't afford to spend a 100,000 dollars on a shelter! Quite honestly that shelter has some severe limitations!!
spinicker shadows
he gonna die
he's got all this stuff,not me but I know all about everything and have access to it all.
Better to move to Coober Pedy, Australia, you might find an opal while enlarging your home.
Martin Neps
I am still waiting for my literature on A-bomb shelter
No backup escape tunnel or hatch? What if marauders (or a malicious neighbor who watched it being installed) simply park a car over the entry, or stuff the vent pipes, and leave?
Newer Account
You start out saying it’s ours but then switch over to saying it’s some guys 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Andrew Austin
You'd have been as well to buy a plot and gravestone sorry this is a joke your airpipes are ridiculously obvious you appear to be in a built up area so security is already out of the window and if anything bad happens your done if anyone in your neighbourhood survives. This might and i stress might keep you going for a week or two maximum then what your out of supplies in your neighbourhood and screwed. There is nothing medium to longterm about this you'd have been better off preparing bug out supplies and getting to a remote location with the money this cost spent on supplies. I'm sure it's given you a sense of security but an underground bunker that will work for the longer term costs substantially more and this is just drlaying the inevitable.
Spike Silver
Where’s the shower room? And how were you able to dig and install that in the backyard with that tight space? Thanks for sharing. I want one of those.
SPC. Pechacek or Paycheck
10 x 20 with out a shower., No in my book 📚, need more space because four people will go crazy in that amount of space.
Connor Brookes
"It's only 68 Degrees Celsius In here." Bruh I would be toast If I was in their😂
I would rather die than spend one week down there. That confined space made my chest hurt just thinking about it.
cammandoookhalsha skyblue captain nephew
wt even is the meaning of real bunker motherf....king logic a....hole 😂
iPalmBeach Vapes
Say “real” one mo again! Say it! Say it again!
Felix Bloxham
so , a roll of duct tape and a plastic bag over the air intake and your bunker buddy will be leaving his lair .How do you get the bridge to cover the hatch as you retreat to the bunker?
Crispy Chicken
Looks like a luxury tomb, one way in , no way out. Someone will fill the ends of the air pipes with spray foam , and you will have to leave . Or die in there . Hunter gathers will be every where.
Todd Kaleta
Is it a “real bunker at a real house”?

I wasn’t sure if that was mentioned
John Brannen
That’s amazing, I could live in a place like this and be happy with it.
gerard haubert
That would be fine for a week or so, then I’d start going stir crazy and would want out. There needs to be an emergency exit and a way to test outside temp and radiation level and air quality
Jennifer Borden
I mean this is crazy I never thought I would find my apartment on you tube lol this is nuts lol
Seriously cool! It easily doubles as a man cave, office, party hangout, added living space, guest room, or relaxing area.
Rod Farva
Laughing Gravy
So, in other words, this is where he keeps his kidnap victims.
Anthony Arango
This thing looks more like an expensive coffin imo
below me
when the electrical grid goes down how are you going to run all that equipment? no mention of batteries and even if you had some that equipment would drain them quickly
What will he do when radiation contaminated air ? xD
Sandra Myers
I'm so jealous, I try so hard to prepare, I'm a sorta young widow with a 14 year old, I think we're in trouble if shtf
Nettie Marie
How do average folks like me afford these things starting at $57k? I make nowhere near that.
Lynn Mason
I wish I could afford one of these.
Evil Mofo
Well everybody knows it’s there why hide the hatch. But I love it!!
big D
Gee! You got to love all the comments in here. I would bet none have even been in a private shelter, much less own one.
Linda Wright
How to wash laundry? Where to drip dry the laundry? How to dispose of trash and medical waste? Is there a buried water storage tank? Is there a buried fuel tank for a generator? Is the generator protected against EMP and nuclear blast? Is there a solar power system that can retract and be protected from nuclear blast, high winds and hail storms? Is there a water-resistant place for taking a sponge bath? Are there external security cameras, ability to monitor camera feed from inside the shelter, protection of the security camera system from EMP? What about humidity control to prevent high humidity levels/mildew from cooking, laundry, bathing and breathing? Is there an EMP-protected way to receive radio signals/news from the outside world while inside the shelter? Is there a way to monitor, from inside the shelter, outside radioactivity levels, temperature and wind speed? What about exercise or does everyone just sit there getting fat for the two weeks or so after a nuclear attack?
Dogs And Yoga
These comments are amazing 😂😂😂😂
Subhadip Dutta Banik
prepared for tsar bomba😂😁🤣
T Wine
Great new video, Ron. Looking forward to talking soon.
This Is Me Can’t u see It’s a CZ
Those Zombies will always find a way in 🙊
Mônica Azevedo
Keep some medicine storage too. Simple things like pain killers and of course the medicine people are usually under use. Good idea have some antibiotics covering urinary, intestinal and skin infection.
Robby Jones
That's the BEST I've seen!
Dennis Hazard
The best shelter I’ve was the shelter John Goodman had in the clover field movie
In Lucem
Also works when the in-laws and your spouse's friends come over.
Robert G
Wow. You just solved the homeless problem! Bury them out of sight.😂😂😂
fatdepressedveg knight
2 too massive flaws what I saw

When you remove the bridge the hatches exposed so people know there is now a bunker

And the second one is the air filters in the garden anyone could stuff poisonous gas down both of those and kill you
capt. james
Such good intent , u can't knock the motives , a great space saving man cave . . Just hope the day never comes
Ravage Gonza
I'm saving up for one

Radiation Filter and everything
Aaron King
Or just live in Cooper pedy in Australia 😂
China Floyd
I am on SSI I want a underground house I will love to pay rent I have lots of food lots of Lighters and I've Garden you would need two seeds to grow a garden in your underground house into chickens a rooster CB radio please let me know or make any video
dave robinson
Brilliant - who are hiding from . 😂😂😂 paranoid or what lol typ yank 😂😂😂😂
eric sorenson
Good thing that "HE" showed you how everything works.
Greg Pitts
It’s to be up high instead of being underground
Silent Runner
Its a nice little bunker but immediately 3 flaws. Hatch opens wrong way and the 2 air pipes in clear view.
Hes prepared inside but outside he's toast.
Just takes one desperate person to stuff the pipes and smoke the people out or block off air to get to his stash.
Moe Wilson
Neat for sure. I know my husband would probably love having a bunker in the backyard. Lol. However, in the event that things are so bad that I need to live underground for months to years, regardless of the reason, I would rather just get taken out in the blast. Living like a prisoner or this possibly becoming your tomb does not sit well with me.
Chaos: International
This'll become outdated by the time Armageddon arrives tbh
e3esr gaming
Where's the guns, I'd like have 10 guns in there with several boxes of ammo
LangeLS Sing Praise
Wow this is AMAZING!!!! I love it!!!
Wow, he even has coat hooks. That's amazing. He's so prepared.
Dustin O'Connor
Where was the diesel generator? Why all that wasted space around your water barrels in the subfloor storage area? Intake fans for forced air circulation? Filters for air intake and check valves for air exit? Is the inside pressurized to blow contamination outward from the open doors and hatch? Is this thing air/tight water tight? Isolated circuits and emp protection for vital electrical systems inside? Is the shell grounded outside? Are the batteries sealed in a Faraday cage? Where is the shower and decon station? Refrigeration? Wastewater discharge? Laundry? I'm a former shipbuilder for a major defense contractor and unless this guy thinks FEMA will come rescue him within 3 days, that is only an expensive tomb!
I can't imagine wanting to be alive enough to pay for one of these things. Although they are cool.
Amigo, i envy you! Nice place for hide from my girlfriend's mom xD.
Greets from Argentina.
Andrew Jackson
Im sorry sir i wouldnt feel comfortable taking a dump in a room with no door. And i wouldnt want to be stuck smelling someone elses.
Chaos: International
4:18 what about flooding / tsunamis
Greg Silverado
it's Gilbert AZ I recognize the townhouses... nice work!
SpockMcoy Issmart
IF it ever gets so bad that I need to live underground, I'll say no thanks to it right now.
Mark Naimo
Hmmmm, some one wants to live really bad must have a lot of dough lol,lol,lol,
Keith Owens
I'm homless,I need a win!!!
eren mori
J130 G810
A well fitted out coffin , nice though unless it's discovered 👍
Mr Fingers
Without all of the stuff inside it make a good grow room.
perfect inlaw quarters!
Mountain Fisher
It's a two week fallout shelter that they used to recommend when I was a kid in the 50's and 60's. Apparently the worst fallout is supposed to go down after 2 weeks so it would be safe again outside except for ground zero where this shelter may not save you. Doubtful the bomb goes off directly above you though.
Having a DOG in a shelter - you have got to be kidding !!!!
What’s the entire price tag for a shelter like this?
Joseph Astier
Have an emergency escape hatch that opens inward. Also stock tools so you can dig your way out if needed.
Nice, but where is the second door? Looks to much like a trap to me...
OK, a couple of points I want to make: (1) There is only ONE door going in, and it opens outward. BAD IDEA. It can be blocked so you can't open it and your dead inside. (2) No firing port in the door so you can defend the entrance to the so called bunker. (3) No protection for the air vents, they can be blocked from outside. (4) No emergency or other exit besides the entry door. (5) No firing port so you can fire a weapon on top of the surface to deter any possible attack. (Such as a vertical are that you can close off at the bottom to prevent access when not being used.) These are just my thoughts.
Chaos: International
3:46 ummmmm what the difference?
Jessica Johnston
I love your bunkers! I will be saving up my money so I can buy one in the future! :D
I dont like that there are ways to padlock the door and the hatch from the outside once you are in it.