Clifford's Really Big Movie (2004) Official Trailer - John Ritter, Children's Animated Movie HD

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Clifford's Really Big Movie (2004) Official Trailer - John Ritter, Children's Animated Movie HD

Worried that he costs too much to feed, Clifford runs away to join a carnival act and help win a lifetime supply of Tummy Yummies.

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Crossover Animation Studios
John Ritter made his last movie after his death since 2003.
Mr Blue
Can't believe that John Ritter was the voice of Clifford
Louise Mcilwaine
15 Year's On Never Forgotten RIP John Ritter GBNF 🕯️🌟♥️ 1948 - 2003 Aged Only 54
Clifford Kun
I'm glad Clifford got a movie. There will be another Clifford movie in the future.
At the beginning, I thought the film is Jurassic park because the music begins with its theme music and cut it into something else
Greg loves bread
I came from game grumps
mute jake
The animals from Clifford's really big movie :

Clifford the big red dog age 11 ( 10 in the show )

Cleo the poodle age 13 ( 12 in the show )

T bone the bulldog age 7 ( 5 in the show )

Shackelford the ferret age 20

Dorothy the cow age 14 ( she doesn't have udders by the way )

Dirk the dauschand age 15

Rodrigo the Chihuahua age 8
Andrés Jara Lerner
1:13 I prefer the Mr Bleakman version from the TV show
ミライジャッキーMirai Jackie
I had no idea this was made... omg. John Ritter thank you for voicing one of my fav cartoon doggies. <3 :D And Cree Summers as Cleo, yess.
Andrés Jara Lerner
1:13 Mr Bleakman: Clifford!!
Candi The Wild Pig
I like the blue ferret! He reminds me of Timon!
Rachel Pursley Media
I love Clifford the Big Red Dog! It's part of my childhood.
Rayna LeFevre
Okay I really love dog's even though they drink from the toilet.
BTS JungKookie
Erik Movie Buff
This movie is ok 7/10
Jesus the normal guy
I love Clifford but never knew there was a movie
Monica C
I've never seen this!!!!
Andrés Jara Lerner
I prefer the Mr Bleakman version from the TV show
IdrissieRules! 2009
My reaction to Curious George (2006) Movie
Terry Bridges
hey it’s clifford
Lawson Steed
BIG movie...
꧁ Croissant ꧂
Theres a Clifford movie?????
I remember watching this when I was like nine. It sucked.

But the OG Clifford show is the best PBS Kids cartoon ever, and John Ritter does an amazing job as Clifford, and you can't change my mind.
Aidan Barnes
I think about suicide everyday
How does he go on an adventure if he lives on Birdwell Island?
Milan Stamenkovski
I miss that big red dog
Clorox Bleach
Zarquis Yiris
For those who watched this movie like I did, I’m planning to make Clifford come to theaters again in his very second film called Clifford’s Really Big Movie 2 The Search for Emily Elizabeth. It’s going to happen when I work at the Disney Company.
Dillon Ohlemiller
What’s with the animation? It looks nothing like the show
William Chollick
They’re rebooting this movie in 2020 with Jeremy Renner as Clifford’s voice and Darby Camp as a 12 year-old Emily Elizabeth.
Brianna C Nguyen
This movie was made in 2004 but John Ritter died in 2003
Elaine Jensen
I remember enjoying this movie a lot as a kid.
Austin Alexander
0:02 This movie was originally released by Warner Bros. Pictures, but it was re-released by Universal Pictures since it was announced that the next "Clifford the Big Red Dog" feature film will be released by Universal. Also, look at the shaking Warner Bros. logo! The shaking effect was possibly accompanied by the sound of Clifford the Big Red Dog's footsteps. It is also one of the first films to use the current TimeWarner byline.