Eyeliner with Subtle Shading - Semi Permanent Makeup Tutorial - Debbie Clifford

Step-by-Step video of an eyeliner procedure with very subtle shading to create a beautiful and natural soft look.

This procedure is demonstrated by Debbie Clifford, International Trainer for Goldeneye Micropigmentation
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Very nice. I love how even though a lot of pigmentation is needed, there was so precision, and control, so it didn't look like a hot mess, while doing this procedure.
Anna Lisa
I’d like to see this client 4 days and 4 weeks after eye line treatment. Please 🌸
Paola A Gourdeau
What speed did you use and what neddles?
Kornelia Sadowska
Medium to fast hand speed or slow machine speed?😊
Pamela hiles
beautiful result! I feel like the length of the procedure was too long because her eye lids were really swollen and appear to be sore. my eyeliner was pretty fast ..she tapped the color in quickly and avoided lingering too long..I didn't really swell much. I think yours is nicer!
Zulfiya Suleymanova
Beautiful, but I have a question, are those dies safe for our body in long run ? Will it cause cancer?