Colbert Explains The Ukraine Scandal To Ainsley Earhardt Of Fox & Friends

Connecting the dots between the various abuses of power going on in the Trump administration can be challenging, so Stephen has come up with a simple explanation that should work for even the President's least-informed defenders. #Colbert #LSSC #Monologue

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I gotta stop asking Trump supporters "How stupid can you be?"
They seem to take it as a challenge.
Ro G
“I still don’t get it.” - Fox News
Just a reminder, Ainsley's the person who claimed the US "defeated communist Japan". (Look it up, it's worth it) So I think a lot of things are confusing to her.
Patrick D
“I’m new” 😂 that’s the answer teens and young adults in their 20s working in a restaurant give when they just got hired and they screw up a customers order lolllll
Pan Darius Kairos
I almost spit my coffee out at the furiously masterbaking joke.
Cynthia Ahern
Flipping over the Blackboard and drawing a line. That was the funniest way to tell somebody they're stupid that I've ever seen
Con Man
“Furiously master baking...”

I died
Poor Ainsley Airhead.... she's never gonna live this down.
Eddie Alvarez
If people can follow game of thrones they can follow this.....
The Karma Bitches
Yeah, the former governor of Florida who claim he is “new” happens to be the guy who robbed Floridians of their medicare
D. Thiates
"…it’s just so much information."
This is why Trump loves the poorly educated… 😏
Ok... How many of us did he get with the flip board.. didn't see that coming 😂
Mckendy Joseph
“Goo goo!” And I want to state this very clearly: “Gaga”

Lmao 😂😂😂😂😂
Gerardo Camacho
Thoroughly convinced that when she says “America is thinking” she is merely referring to any fox hosts sitting on the couch with her at the time.
Rick Scott masterminded a multi-billion dollar corporate Medicare, Medicaid scam but he is too new for dirt for arms.
Juan Vilchez
That Ainsley girl looks like the person that says ‘I don’t get it’ after every joke ever told
Austin Faulds
“Well... I liked it...”

Me when no one laughs at my jokes
first Impression
"I´m new" sounds legit, we are talking about the party who answers "I am not a scientist" when asked about climate change...
Jeff Brailsford
I believe Ainsley was attempting to use the “Chewbacca Defense“.
Henchman Twenty1
"Cook until Cake". That should be on directions for everything!
Bleeding Eye Watcher
“How can more than one person possibly be involved in the same crime?” - Fox “News”
"It's mind-bottling isn't it?"

"Did you just say mind-bottling?"
"Yeah. Mind-Bottling. You know, like when things are so crazy, it gets your thoughts all trapped like in a bottle?"
Suzanne Reilman to say that Ainsley has never in her life yet connected even TWO dots together....
Kameron Snowe
that explanation probably hurt Ainsley's tiny brainsley
To be fair to Ainsley, she only has to remember two people in the show, Steve and the other one who sits on her left, no, her OTHER right… that’s it.
Ernest Choy
-- complicated conspiracy theory about Hillary, "It all fits together!"
-- literally 3 people tied with Trump's corruption, "Too much infomation"
You'd think they could give him an Emmy for trying to save democracy.
Michael V
"So Trump is struggling to find a coherent defense against his impeachment"

Trump struggles with coherence in general.
Jason Fisher
The 800 dislikes are from tRump sycophants and yesmen
Peter Fox
"Trump is holed up in his White House, furiously masturbaking."
momo mily
"Step 3. Cook until cake."
Jon Lava
John Oliver: Masterbaking?! 😂
Stephen Colbert: I want my Emmy back
John Oliver: Touché Sir, touche’.
Cue 1st Amend
Ainsley: Latest Faux News Blonde Bimbo to sit in the middle
Art Lyons
“Furiously master baking” 😂🤣😅😆🤣😅😆🤣
Angel castro
that Ainsley girl is like every blonde joke I've ever heard... SMH
Carl Senawo
“Hypnotized cobra” lmao 😂
Eric Johnson
Yes, wasn’t it Marie Antoinette who said “let Trump eat cake”?
Russell Thorburn
Every woman on the planet listening to Ainsley speak: (Insert Jean-Luc Picard facepalm meme here).
Katie Cottingham
I used to love the name Ainsley... now I can't imagine handing a name with so much idiot baggage attached to an innocent child, or even a rabid raccoon. 😕
Rich Sackett
Ainsley: "Our audience is entirely easily-confused idiots".
SideshowBob drkstrjry
"Someone Left the Cake Out In the Rain"
L Joseph Dumas
"I'm new" was Paul Ryan's defense of Trump in trump's first year.
A great man once said:

“Man, too much information and shit!”

-Victor Fuentes
harlow jean 1975 deymonaz
"Let them eat cake"
Cory Snyder
Well we know she wasn't hired for her intelligence.
Google stop it
Ainsley is the real life version of Lisa's Malibu Stacy doll.
Artem Bentsionov
Honestly, when telling things to Fox News, they should omit details like who did it, just what was done. Then let them decide if they should condemn it or find excuses. That’s a way to find how hypocritical they are.
"I liked it" - I bet that's something Melania hasn't said in a long time 😂😂☠️☠️
Evidence Matters
I'm wondering if there is an IQ test a potential host has to fail before they're allowed to work on "Fox and Friends".
Did she just ask how trump and giuliani are connected? You're kidding, right?
Solomon Beeching
Puts a whole new meaning on "The cake is a lie!"
Samwisegamge Mhm
Republicans having no spine during this trump era , is why I’m now an official democrat , I’ve been independent since I turned 18 , thank you trump you’ve made me a lifelong Democrat !
Scott Garner
Easily one of the best and most important shows on TV
Master Of Fates
Ive found the answer... some conservites lack object permanence. When they cant see it, it doesnt exist. It explains so much
Every morning with my morning coffee greetings from Germany. Your president is crazy. How can you take so much drama every week with that guy.
“So much information” She tried that!! 😂😂😂
Brittany S
Trump fans: Because even Nickelback fans need someone to laugh at 😂
'Cook until Cake' might become my new internet handle
Kristina W
This isn’t fair to Ainsley. Her co-stars are equally easily confused
Chas O.T.E
Fox & Friends "journalism" at it's finest. If it incriminates Trump, we don't read it.
Look "am new" and spineless. Let Mitch do the talking, his career is over anyway.
LifeIsFair ItKillsEveryone
Welcome to the new phrase, "Dumb as a Donald!"
“Ukraine is a country,” says William Taylor, who served as the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine from 2006 to 2009. “The Ukraine is the way the Russians referred to that part of the country during Soviet times … Now that it is a country, a nation, and a recognized state, it is just Ukraine. And it is incorrect to refer to the Ukraine, even though a lot of people do it.”
Bill Jones
How do you write “Make America Great Again” in Russian?
If Trump ran a bakery his cakes would be HALF BAKED and he'd file for bankruptcy and blame the customers for their BIASED TASTE!
Scott Wilhelms
America, I told you to leave me ALONE when I'm "cleaning" my room!
Christopher Bland
Remember she is employed by Fox that explains it.
You know how you can tell if someone lived through the cold war? They say "The Ukraine" instead of "Ukraine". I still say "The Ukraine".
That look on Kilmeade's face was priceless. If a fool like Kilmeade knows you're a fool, that's some high level foolishness.
Jon Stewart retired just a little too early... I want to hear his take on all this....
Nina Schulte
THAT was a brilliant episode!!! Everyone MUST avoid the distractions and focus on the fact that TRUMP PUBLICLY ADMITTED, that he CALLED THE PRSIDENT OF UKRAINE AND ASKED FOR DIRT ON HIS POLITICAL OPPONENT!! That is the only answer ANYONE should be using to any question presented on this topic. #StickToTheFacts. #IMPEACH45
Finally we gave him
enough rope for him to hang himself
I used to like Ainsley when she was on WLTX-19 South Carolina... she's a lost soul now smh
Isay Look
Ainsley’s hair bleaching products have seeped into her brain.
When he tossed the chalk, the entire motion of it said, "Be Eye Tee See H". LOLOL
“Hypnotized Cobra”!!!!
“Marco....Marco”. “RUBIO!!!!”
They definitely have a 'type ' at FOX News!
Sebastian Elytron
Love how they put Hillary on the board, Trump will involve her somehow😂
Andre Montoya
I want to see her reaction to this
The Squirrel Tangent
It seems like the entire Republican party has simply lost touch with reality.
Ray Stanczak
Fox and friends--the type of people that walk down a city street and say "I'll bet $5 that I know which walnut the pea is under--watch this!"

"Ok, ok, let me try again. This time for sure...DAMMIT!"
Kevin Bacio
Remember when you interviewed him? Ya yikes
Daniel Huberman
He didn’t just “ask” Ukraine to dig up dirt on Joe Biden. He extorted them.
The lizard from Florida "I am new" defense, is ughhhhhh
Madeline Line
I was so worried that he would use the chalk on the back of the chalkboard! I already had goosebumps from reverse-asmr. Thank god for that punch line!
Valerie Vazquez
"'s my first day"
-Homer Simpson
dorian diddles
Well yeah confusing for ainsley because she is as DUMB as all the other trumpTARDS. Duh.
Lone Wolf
"Furiously masterbaking."
Expelled my late night latte through my nose.
3 Stooges are a 100 times smarter than Fox and Friends's hosts.
Abrahim Javed
Wait, I don't get it.
Ugh. Gonna be another late night studying that board
Michael Johnson
Rick Scott Reminds me of the Demon in the Ice Cream Truck, MOVIE NAME ELUDES ME
Kennedy Kariuki
Master baker needs more 'Executive time' 😂🤡 his wife clearly hates him
Donald McCarthy
The President has lost the room when the jokes are master-baking jokes.
Tessa Rossa
Ainsley is, as the Sex Pistols once wrote, "Pretty Vacant"
Lynx Mystique
"Held up in the WH, furiously masterbaking" killed me 😂... Executive time... Whipping the batter and making frosting
Johan MB
When translate Ainsley Earhardt into European you get Ainsly Airhead
Try-One VH#22
Plot twist..... The Whistleblower: "President Barack Obama"
“Master baking” 🤮🤮🤮
i cant splel
as soon as he said master baking, i saw that joke cumming